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About The Creators

Kevin Arkayne

Young producer living in Haarlem, freshly graduated from the InHolland Conservatorium.

Rafil Sam

Urban producer. One of the first producers signed by Wisseloord Publishing.

Daan Wijnhorst

Daan Wijnhorst is a young producer and composer from Utrecht. He got involved in music through playing in bands and later on he started producing EPs for bands. This led him to study Music and Technology at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU). Nowadays he has evolved to also composing music for short films, animation and trailers for online shows. Songwriting is where the interests of producing and composing music collide.

Oliver Emmitt

Oliver is one of the main songwriters for Amsterdam- based experimental pop band  Molino. Originally from New Zealand he moved to Amsterdam in 2011. In 2014 he graduated with a masters in jazz trombone from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.  Before moving to Amsterdam, he worked as a full time musician touring New Zealand, Australia, Europe, America, and Korea. As well as trombone he plays a variety of instruments (Some better than others) including voice, guitar, bass, drums, and ukulele. He performs mostly in jazz and pop bands but also has a passion for electronic music and hip hop. He enjoys writing lyrics and has been happily helping people with this since he moved to the Netherlands. 

Ellis Sportel

Ellis is an eclectic songwriter and DIY producer. She knows how to blend her countrypop roots into modern styles. She loves to write different kinds of music for other artists and she knows how to do so because of her empathic character. Obviously she loves it best when she writes with other artists. Her style is knowable by powerful and energetic hooks, and sometimes she seeks emotion where it is needed.  

Emmelien Hilbers

I began to perform with my bluesband in 2017. At the age of 18 I was invited to write at Wisseloord Studios. At the moment I’m waiting for the release of my first cover album while I finish my senior year. I will be starting my first year at the conservatory of Utrecht in September 2020.



Daniel van Dieren 

As a kid, Daniel loved to drum. Even though he was adopted, his genetic feel for rhythm never left him.  

At the age of 13, he learned about music production and immediately found a unbreakable connection.  

At the age of 16 he decided he wanted to create a career within the music scene. With every song that Daniel creates, he learns new things, and uses it with his next song. Even now at the age of 19, his curiosity for discovering and learning new things new things remains strong.  Now he is focussing on creating unique but still acceptable songs. 

Arie Spaans 

From the age of twelve Arie writes and sings his own songs. His style is known as energetic and melancholic. As a songwriter he has been influenced by The Beatles and David Bowie, but also by country artists as Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash. A number of songs are released by other bands and artists. Including the hit “Rollercoaster” from the famous dutch band Di-rect. 

Jorik Burema

Jorik Burema is a Dutch singer/songwriter from Deventer. With his raspy voice, Jorik produces catchy pop songs with electronic influences. His sound is featured on Koen Fagen’s ‘If I Lose It All’ and Marc benjamin’s ‘Dead Ends’ with which he has reached a total of over 450.000 streams. His debut single ‘Close To You’ released on February 28th 2020.


ReauBeau’s sonic journey started at the very roots of his present future bass undertakings. Due to a strong love for hiphop during his formative years, his passion spurred into the restless fiddling and fine-tuning art of conveying finer (and often ineffable) emotions through the craft of composition. His sound has emerged into a versatile blend of (future)bass and trap with a touch of euphoria. ReauBeau’s funky, hiphop influenced productions are always spot on. With shows at festivals such as Tomorrowland, Amsterdam Dance Event, Aalborg Festival, SXSW and Distortion Festival, ReauBeau has shown that he can play at major stages throughout the world. Furthermore, his tracks have been supported by radio stations worldwide, including BBC Radio1 & 1XTRA (‘ignition mix’, GB), SLAM FM (NL), KISS FM (DE), Diplo’s Revolution Channel, Hardwell on Air and more. In 2019, ReauBeau expanded his musical journey with his debut EP ‘CTRL’ (Riotville Records), his track ‘Louder’ with Loris Cimino on Future Generation/ Columbia Records, followed by his latest EP on Flux Pavilion’s Circus Records. Moreover, ReauBeau most recently scored placements of his music on the famous TV show America’s got Talent as well as on trailers for Need for Speed Heat and FIFA 20 . With more exciting projects coming up in 2020, ReauBeau is set to spread his music even further.


Supported by: Tiësto, Hardwell, Zeds Dead, The Chainsmokers, Alison Wonderland, Flux Pavilion and many more.

Noah Avery

Noah Avery studied vocals  at the Herman Brood Academy and now works as a songwriter for Pop artists and occasionally sings on Dance records.

This multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer thinks stories are the most important part of a song and the instrumental

should be a perfect fit.

Works in Pop, Dance, Rock, Indie and sometimes Urban

Tim de Boer

”Great things never come from comfort zones”

With a big love and passion for music Tim de Boer started producing in 2014. He currently is a student at the Herman Brood Academie where his main focus is on songwriting and producing Pop and EDM tracks. Even though he is fairly new to the industry he decided that, with a lot of dedication, hard work and a huge passion for writing music, he will produce many hit chart songs.

Yori Olijslagers

i”I believe in creating a space in which emotions can run free” Those are the words Yori (33) tries to live by.

Yori is a Producer/Drummer/MD from the Netherlands. Inspired by artists like The Weeknd, J Dilla and Mr. Carmack, Yori has been crafting his sound and vision in music. His music is a mixture of vibey synths and energetic hip-hop inspired drums that will take you through spaces you didn’t know existed.

Yori started out as a professional drummer at the age of 17 and has played with some of the biggest names is the Dutch music scene. His expertise in live production and hybrid drumming has made him the go-to guy for modern music in the Netherlands.

Yori has been selected as Urban Arts Talent 2019-2020 and is supported by the Cultural Participation Fund. A journey in which he teams up with famed LA-based producer JNTHN STEIN. And has started releasing music under his own name.

Radboud Withaar

Radboud Withaar is a session guitar player from the Netherlands and just released his first soloalbum in 2018. It’s available on all streaming services. Radboud started playing inspired by Rockbands like AC/DC and Iron Maiden. His own style is a mix between Rock/Jazz/Pop/Funk and Blues. His voice on the guitar in unique as a result of studying many different styles. Getting sometimes inspired but also depressed by how good some players are in certain styles, Radboud decided to follow the sound he heard in his head to not have to compete with anyone. You can hear snippets of his original songs on Instagram and Youtube.

With Dutch partyband ‘The Recipe’ he tours mainly in the Netherlands and does a lot of session work with different Dutch musicians.

Radboud loves giving guitar lessons, mainly at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and at ‘Haenen Muziek’ in Voorburg, The Netherlands.


Before being an acclaimed producer, who has worked with several artists in Europe, Locus (Sander van Kleef) started his producer career by playing the piano at an early age. He developed a great musical skill by teaching himself to play the guitar, bass and drums.

At 11 years old, he discovered the production software ‘FL Studio’ and started to make his own songs,which he only made for friends to listen to. Later on, he made his music more public, which helped him developing his sound and it didn’t take long before local artists, such as Andrew Adon and Luciano Martina, started to notice him and work with him on productions.

In 2015 after landing an internship at The Rocketeers in Hilversum, while studying MusicProduction in Rhoon, Locus was determined in finding a different workflow for producing music, not only for himself, but also for other artists. One year, he worked specifically on music for commercials, radio stations and artists like Julia van Bergen, Emma Heester and Demi van Wijngaarden. After a year,he left The Rocketeers, got accepted at the Rock Academy to follow the course Electronic Music Production and landed an internship at Wisseloord Studio’s. The internship ended at the  beginning of December in 2019, but the musical director still invites him to do sessions for Wisseloord Publishing.

Locus is developing his sound into something recognizable and memorable for the next decade.

Ramin Rezai

Ramin Rezai is a singer-songwriter from Amsterdam.

He started doing covers on Youtube. Those covers garnered millions of views and drew the attention of the music industry.

He signed a contract with Universal Music in 2013 and released his first single ‘I Should Be’ . In 2015 Ramin released the song ”Flowing Like The River” with DJ Ross from Italy. He worked with Dutch songwriters, Han Kooreneef, Daniel Gibson & Jochem Fluitsma. He is currently developing his own sound and works on a lot of material.

His genre is Pop mixed with R&B

Renske van den Bongarth 

Hi!, I’m Renske van den Bongarth. I’m a guitarist, singer and of course a songwriter. In 2019 I graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (guitar). I’m mostly active in the the Pop/Rock scene; I’m in a band with my twin brothers. My band is called ‘New Bliss’. I really love being on stage! One of my coolest gigs ever was in 2018: Playing with 30 second to  Mars at the Ziggo Dome!

Despite my love for loud music , I also like to listen to very soft ‘songwriter’ songs or ultra catchy pop songs. I really appreciate it when a songs tell a story and have strong hooks. No matter what genre, what’s what I try to aim for while writing!

Martin West

Dutch Record Producer Martin West was born and raised in Hilversum, the Netherlands. After his father bought him a DJ-mixer, Martin fell in love with music.Not long after, Martin started playing the drums, Thanks to his rhythmic feel, the groove of his productions are outstanding. The multi-talented Martin is not afraid of challenge, so he taught himself how to play the Guitar, Bass and Piano. After 9 years of experience, Martin developed  top-quality productions, originality and a fast work pace. Although originally based in Europe, this young record producer splits his time between L.A. and NYC writing with promising artists in the scene ready to create music.



M1N3 [ mine ] is the up-and-coming project of Martin West.After several years of producing for many artists behind the scenes Martin decided to focus on his own project. A retro inspired pop sound backed with live instruments and relatable lyrics would best describe his project aim.

Seb Adams

Exposed to rRock music and digital art at a young age, Dutch born Musician Sebastiaan Boomsma (alias Seb Adams ) started playing guitar, writing songs, experimenting with graphic design software and in music.

He  founded his first rick band at age 16, where he played guitar, sang lead vocals and continued to write original compositions. With his second band, he added video production and album art design to his growing skill set.

By the time Seb graduated from the Fontys Rockacademie in the Netherlands, his exposure to a wide range of music genres and projects expanded his original goal as a professional guitarist, songwriter to include singing, producing and releasing his own music and visual art.

As a songwriter, Seb’s personal connection to the material in his music was always the driving force behind the message in his songs. Showing empathy in his well-crafted lyrics, he’s able to cover hard topics like anxiety, depression, sleep paralysis, addiction and loss with compassion and power.

His self-produced songs have over one million streams on Spotify and continue to attract a wide and growing audience around the world.

To stay updated, follow him on social media or visit http://sebadamsofficial.com/

Carmen Forbes

24-year-old Carmen Forbes is a vocalist and songwriter. She’s been singing since the age of 5 and writing her own music and lyrics since the age of 10.While she’s fully Dutch, her first language is English thanks to spending her youth in Australia and England. She writers for herself and others in styles of pop, soul, RnB and hip hop.  

Daniel Wullems

Flowti is a young producer from Almere. After graduating from the Abbey Road institute I started working on a career as a songwriter and music producer. Currently I’m most active in the Hip Hop and Pop genre.

Nick Jongejan

 Nick Jongejan is a Dutch songwriter/producer/mis engineer based near Rotterdam. Besides producing for various artists Nick is also frontman and songwriter for the modern Country Pop ban ‘The Young River’, which is a fast growing band in Europe. Even though he is living in Holland, he has clearly embraced the modern Nashville sound. Growing up, Nick has always been inspired by American Pop Rock Bands such as All Time Low & Simple Plan. But when confronted with the modern Country sound of Keith Urban, he jumped ship and decided to go all in on achieving the modern Nashville sound as a producer. This led to a successful career at quite a young age. Nick is currently working as a songwriter/producer/mix engineer with many artists varying from modern Country to Pop to Rock and everything in between.         

Merijn Mooijman

As a young kid I came to realize that creating and performing music was the only thing that made me truly happy. It was and still is the only thing that keeps me going every day.  I was an un afraid and ambitious kid that took chances whenever he could. Like so, at the age of eleven I auditioned for Kinderen voor Kinderen, a Dutch nationally known children’s choir that performed all over the country and made TV appearances regularly. Though I lived at a further distance than was permitted, I did got selected and got to experience things that most kids can only dream about. It was the first step of many  into the industry  and it immediately took all of my attention and focus. Now, ten years later, I’m studying Pop Music at the Amsterdam Conservatory and get to be busy with all kinds of work in the industry every single day. You can find me on stage, in the studio or behind a laptop in your local coffeeshop.

”If you feel safe in the area you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth. And when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom,you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.”- David Bowie 

As an artist, songwriter and producer I constantly try to push my limits to gain new insights and in that way fuel my creativity during the writing process. A process that can be absolutely exhausting and sometimes can even be called a burden. Rarely you find yourself in those ‘perfect’ situations where everything seems  to fall right into place and then suddenly, 25 minutes later there’s a killer song. Even though you always try to summon a situation as such, in reality you’ll find yourself getting stuck on things like whether the second verse needs that extra hi-hat layer or not…I found out that songwriting is like a never ending argument with yourself. A constant debate on what you want or need to tell and how to translate that in the best possible way. It’s like a race, but against more than just time. It’s a race against yourself, your thoughts and prejudices and by the time you’re about to finish your song you’re already thinking of a new concept. It’s a process that I’ve fallen in love with and will always pursue.  Genres:  Pop, Soul/R&B, Hip-Hop.

Julien Sluyters

Hi I am Julien, I study Composition & Music Production at  the University of Arts, Utrecht. As you might expect I compose and produce. I play several instruments including guitar, piano and trumpet. Besides I used to play in bands, mainly as lead-vocalist, performing my own songs. Although I/m planning to get back on stage, I decided to focus on the craft of writing and producing first.


For my internship I was admitted to Wisseloord’s House of Music. Here I got a chance to work with several  writers, topliners and producers. Due to the experience I learned to cooperate, work fast & well organized and to motivate people to dice a little deeper in their musical identity.As a producer    I prefer working with people who really differ from me, so that we can compliment each others styles to a surprising combination. New dishes.

Genres: R&B, Neo-Soul, hip-Hop, Indie, Pop.

Martijn Holtslag

Martijn is best known for his own bands KNARS (breakbeatpunk) and Quibus (Downtempo/ambient) for which he writes and performs. He has had his pre-existing and commisioned work placed by HBO, Summit Entertainment, Dutch Filmworks, Borderlands, Ballers, 2k Games, Gearbox, Borderlands and many others.

Alexander van den Kleyenberg

My name is Alex. guitar player for the bands The Great Communicators and Avi On Fire. I studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, pop department. In songwriting I focus on alternative pop music. Really invested in creating cool guitar sounds. 

Angelo Boltini

Angelo Boltini is not just a singer and guitarist, but rather a musical jack of all trades. His album ‘Human After All’ in turn is itself more than a collection of songs. it’s all part of a broader vision that also extends to the live stage. Human After All can stand on its own two feet as an album, with songs that can easily do so too. Exactly how Boltini imagined it. Whoever hears the name ‘Boltini’ involuntarily thinks of the circus. Being the son of the legendary Toni Boltini, whose circus was once the largest in all of Europe, Angelo does not forsake his roots. Creativity and entrepreneurship are in his DNA, but also hands-on mentality so distinctive of his family. “I recently had my first real tour as a band leader in the circus, that’s where my roots are. The circus calls for multi-disciplinarily. If needed, you have to be able to fill in anywhere. My father jumped in the cage to replace the lion tamer when he got fired. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and my range varies from jazz to classical to electronic to rock. Some may find that confusing, but to me that’s pure freedom.” ‘Human After All’ was produced by Grammy nominated producer Attie Bauw (The Scorpions, Judas Priest), recorded at Wisseloord Studios and features Am. Ok orchestra’s string section. 

Erik Buschmann

Starting as a drummer, Erik found its way into producing at the Conservatory of Rotterdam studying drums, with a minor in music production. Working with bands like Klangstof, Darlyn, Joia, Ramses and shaping his solo project Subz. Erik evolved his way of producing into an electronic based ambient sounding style. Ghost writing for various pop and hip hop vocalists, Erik displays his skillset in a versatile way.  Joining Klangstof in 2017, Erik toured trough Europe with their EP tour Everest, and worked together on their second album The Noise You Make Is Silent. Klangstof’s second album finds the band – now the trio of Van de Wardt, Wannes Salomé and Erik Buschmann – putting their versatility and impulsiveness on full display. The writing sessions often had more in common with wacky science fair projects than all-out jams, with all band members circling a grid of effect pedals, laptops and drum machines, exhuming and harvesting an abundance of unusual sounds.  That very objective has also spilled over on stage, where Klangstof earned a rep as a dynamic live unit that pushes the songs to impulsive new directions at every opportunity, boldly chasing the possibilities of collaboration instead of thinking in beginnings and destinations. Erik is currently focussing on new music for Klangstof, working together with Wannes and Koen on their third album working towards releasing the record in 2021.